Besides many enhancements, VxRail 8.0.210 introduces the functionality to stage updates prior to the actual update if the cluster is using vLCM.
This feature is designed to improve the efficiency of system updates and reduce downtime.

Staging allows for the downloading of patches and extensions from the vSphere Lifecycle Manager repository to ESXi hosts without immediate application.
This process facilitates local availability of patches and extensions on the hosts, which expedites the remediation process and could be useful for upgrade over WANs.

The VxRail Manager vCenter Server plugin now supports the orchestration of vLCM bundle staging to a cluster.
This enhancement provides administrators with more control over the update process.

Initially, the staging feature can be enabled in the Updates Settings pane.

To stage an update we perform, in this example, a local update by first uploading the meta data file.

Afterwards, we create the Upgrade Advisor Report and upload the upgrade files.

Now, we can schedule the upgrade, which will include an option to stage the upgrade components prior to the upgrade.

As part of the scheduling process, an upgrade time needs to be specified and the staging tick box selected.

The upgrade is now scheduled and staging commences. The actual upgrade could still be canceled if required.

The upgrade is then performed at the selected time.