The VxRail VD-4000 was recently released, providing a next generation VxRail node option for edge use cases. 
It provides a ruggedized platform, with a smaller, purpose-built form factor extending the benefits of VxRail to locations previously inaccessible due to unfavorable conditions, low bandwidth and footprint restrictions. 

There are three main use cases for VxRail with the VD-4000:
  • Standard VxRail Cluster
  • 2-Node VxRail Cluster with optional embedded witness
  • VxRail Satellite Node
The VxRail VD-4000 is based on the PowerEdge XR-4000 and comes as a chassis in two form factors.

VD-4000Z - "Shoe Box"

  • 2 Sled Bays
  • Mounting options: Desktop, Stacking, VESA plate, DIN Rail
  • Dimensions:
    • 10.5" x 14" without bezel and latch
    • 12" x 18" with bezel and latch

VD-4000R - "Rack Option"

  • 4 Sled Bays
  • Mounting: 2-post rack, 4-post rack, slide rails
  • Dimensions
    • 19" x 14" without bezel
    • 19" x 18" with bezel

Sled Options

The VD-4000 supports, three types of compute sleds. Different sleds can be selected and combined based on use cases and workload requirements.

VD-4510C - 1U Compute Sled
  • CPU: Intel Ice Lake Xeon-D with 4 to 20 cores
  • Memory: 4x memory slots; up to 512GB total
  • Storage: 
    • Up to four M.2 NVMe drives: 
      • 800GB MU NVMe cache drive and 
      • Up to three 1.92TB or 3.84TB capacity drives
  • Boot: NVMe BOSS N1 with RAID1 480GB drive
  • Network: 4x 10GbE or 25GbE (speed dependent upon CPU)

VD-4520C - 2U Compute Sled
  • CPU: Intel Ice Lake Xeon-D with 4 to 20 cores
  • Memory: 4x memory slots; up to 512GB total
  • Storage:
    • Up to four M.2 NVMe drives 
    • Up to two additional disk groups, each with: 
      • 800GB MU NVMe cache drive, and 
      • Up to three 1.92TB or 3.84TB capacity drives
  • PCIe: Two x16 PCIe Gen 4 slots (Full height, full length, up to 250W combined)
  • GPU: Up to two NVIDIA A2, or a single A30
  • Network: SFP, SFP+ & BaseT options

VD-4000W - Witness Sled

The VD-4000 includes the industry’s first vSAN HCI system utilizing an embedded vSAN witness node and is included in the automated lifecycle management. 
It runs ESXi and allows you to create a self-contained 2-node vSAN cluster in a small footprint, eliminating the need for a data center or cloud-based witness. 
This allows for far-edge deployments where this was previously unattainable due to low latency and low bandwidth constraints. 
The hardware is solely dedicated for vSAN 2-node witness and not supported as witness of stretched cluster.
  • CPU: Atom C3508
  • Memory: 16GB ECC 
  • Network: 2x Intel 1Gb 
  • Storage: M.2 NVMe drive for OS and data

Mixing Sleds

You can mix and match sled types within the chassis. The chassis can be partially equipped and expanded at a later stage if needed. 

The VD-4000Z with two sled bays supports two 1U sleds or one 2U sled plus the optional witness sled. 

Two 1U sleds shown on the graphic

The VD-4000R with four sled bays supports four 1U sleds, two 2U sleds or one 2U sled and two 1U sleds plus the optional witness sled

Consistent VxRail Experience

With the VD-4000 you are getting the same VxRail look and feel. Full life cycle management is provided via VxRail Manager, as with other node types. The VxRail vCenter Server plugin displays the physical hardware details and health status of the chassis and it's sleds.

For more details on VxRail and the VD-4000, head over to the VxRail Landing Page.