VxRail 2-Node Clusters are based on the vSAN 2-Node construct and consists of two VxRail nodes, and a Witness host deployed as a virtual appliance. The VxRail cluster is deployed and managed by VxRail Manager and VMware vCenter Server. It comes with all of the value added features of a standard VxRail cluster.

Prior to the VxRail 7.0.410 release, it was required to use an external vCenter Server for 2-Node VxRail Cluster deployments. With the 7.0.410 release, this has changed and you can now utilize a VxRail managed vCenter Server. This makes it even easier to deploy and manage these clusters going forward as well as makes deployments in edge locations more accessible.

During the VxRail deployment wizard, you can now select the "VxRail-Provided vCenter Server" option.

Once the deployment is completed we can now see in the vCenter Server UI our vCenter Server and VxRail Manager as under the newly deployed 2-Node Cluster.