VMware vCloud Air Disaster Recovery is a simple disaster-recovery-as-a-service (DRaaS) solution hosted by VMware.

This post focuses on the initial configuration and a test failover in a disaster scenario.

Further information about the product and pricing can be found here:

First we need to configure our vSphere Replication in order to sync our VMs for DR purposes to vCloud Air. Follow the steps below to create a new cloud provider and connect.

Now can need to connect our local network to the target networks.

We can see the status connected in the Web Client

The next step is to set up our VM replication to vCloud Air

We can also see the replication status now in the Web Client and vCloud Air

Now the replication is completed successfully

We now assume we have a full DC outage and we need to do a unplanned recovery. From vCloud Air we can start the recovery process.
(In case of a planned recovery or test recovery we can initiate the process in the Web Client)

After successful recovery the VM will be powered on and we can open the console

In the last step we perform the fail back. After our main DC is back online we perform the reverse replication back to our main site from the Web Client. Initially we can see the status of the test VM as recovered.