We could also call this post XtremIO CLI madness. Tasks that I want to achieve at the end:

  • Create Initiator Group Folder, Initiator Groups and associate Host Initiators
  • Create Volume Parent Folder, Create Boot LUNs, Create Data LUNs, Map LUNs

Create Initiator Group Folder:
add-folder caption=”Prod-Cluster” folder-type=ig parent-folder-id=”/”

Create Initiator Group and add their associated Host Initiators
add-initiator-group ig-name=”ESXI100″ parent-folder-id=”/Prod-Cluster”
add-initiator ig-id=”ESXI100″ initiator-name=”ESXI100-HBA0″ port-address=”WWPN”
add-initiator ig-id=”ESXI100″ initiator-name=”ESXI100-HBA1″ port-address=”WWPN”

Create Volume Parent Folders
add-folder caption=”Prod-Cluster_BOOT” folder-type=vol parent-folder-id=”/”
add-folder caption=”Prod-Cluster_DATA” folder-type=vol parent-folder-id=”/”

add-volume alignment-offset=0 lb-size=512 vol-name=”ESXI100-BOOT” vol-size=”20g” parent-folder-id=”/Prod-Cluster_BOOT”

Map the Individual Boot LUN as HLU 0
map-lun vol-id=”ESXI100-BOOT” ig-id=”ESXI100″ lun=0

Create DATA LUNs 2TB
add-volume alignment-offset=0 lb-size=512 vol-name=”DS001″ vol-size=”2048g” vaai-tp-alerts=enabled parent-folder-id=”/Prod-Cluster_DATA”
add-volume alignment-offset=0 lb-size=512 vol-name=”DS002″ vol-size=”2048g” vaai-tp-alerts=enabled parent-folder-id=”/Prod-Cluster_DATA”

Map both DATA LUNs
map-lun vol-id=”DS001″ ig-id=”ESXI100″ lun=1
map-lun vol-id=”DS002″ ig-id=”ESXI100″ lun=2